Mobile Tiefbau Saugsysteme (MTS) was founded in Germany in 1998.

MTS’ new revolutionary developments in suction technology have earned a place as market leader in performance and technology innovation. Offering the highest levels of suction performance and a maintenance free filter system, the new generation of DryVac suction excavators have expanded their applications beyond the traditional civil construction use to areas including environmental, industrial, renovation and rail maintenance.

Product development and improvements are responsive to customer needs and requirements. MTS takes clients’ workplace challenges and delivers solutions quickly and efficiently. MTS DryVac suction excavation innovation has numerous international patents in place.

MTS Australia is a dedicated local company for the distribution and support of MTS equipment as well as to assist our local partners with identifying construction solutions relevant to their individual circumstances.

Why MTS?





Our key values make MTS the best choice for all DryVac Suction System requirements. MTS provide unsurpassed levels of service and technical support via a well-established, extensive network of factory trained distributors and partners across the globe.


Suited for the Australian Environment

While the MTS DryVac suction excavator technology works efficiently in practically all construction conditions, the sand and clay soils prevalent in large parts of Australia make it particularly suited for the Australian environment.

The MTS DryVac suction excavator operates as a self-propelled 4-in-1 unit which allows for easy deployment in rural and remote areas without the need to mobilise multiple pieces of equipment.

The 4-in-1 configuration allows for a minimal footprint when operating in city and urban environments. It reduces the impact on traffic in business and residential sites and around construction projects.

With its 250mm diameter hose and lifting capacity of 30+ kg, the MTS DryVac suction excavator makes simple work of heavier soils and rocks.

Since water is not used in DryVac suction excavation, the construction process preserves this most precious resource. It also reduces the disposal of excavated materials and makes soil available for re-use as backfill.

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