Do you carry around a variety of different tools to get the job done?

Are you struggling to access difficult to reach areas?

Do you need to move contaminated materials?

With the MTS DryVac suction excavator as your power source, a wide range of air and hydraulic powered tools allow for an efficient excavation process, saving you money and time.

250mm diameter suction tube
42000m3/h airflow fans

German designed and manufactured MTS DryVac suction excavators are transforming civil construction, rail maintenance and material handling. Using a 250mm diameter suction tube with its massive 42000 m3/h airflow fans, the MTS Dino units effortlessly deliver economic and eco-friendly results. With its patented cutting-edge technology, MTS leads the way in Europe and North America, where DryVac suction excavation is increasingly mandated by asset owners, municipalities, and regulators.

Using air to fracture the ground is environmentally beneficial as opposed to using water. Water goes through an object whereas air goes around it. This reduces the risk of damage to in-ground infrastructure. Air is freely available whereas water is a precious resource and should be conserved. When working with hard surfaces like concrete or bitumen, the air hammer and air powered saw provide efficient solutions. For more complex challenges, the various Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) options provide solutions for challenging environments which are inaccessible by operators as well as for the safe removal of contaminated materials.

Our range of Auxialiary Tools is expanded regularly. Please contact us for more information.


Technical Information

Container Volume: 8m3

Suction Hose Carrier: Power Arm

Dimensions: 9,4m x 2,5m x 3,7m

Suction Hose: D = 250mm

Air Compressor: 4,5m3/min, 8 bar

Remote Control: SPS Radio Remote Control

Ventilator: Patented Twin Fan Technology

Chassis: 4 Axle

Filtration System: Automatic Self-Cleaning System



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