Benefits of the MTS DryVac Suction Technology

Boosts Productivity

The patented MTS DryVac suction excavation technology ensures that every feature optimises performance and works effortlessly with a wide range of materials.

Excavation volumes achieved using the MTS twin fan system with an airflow of 42,000m3/h exceed alternative technologies delivering high levels of productivity.

Combining this benefit with the ability to work in difficult to reach areas, enables streamlined construction processes, removes the need to use other equipment, allows for the re-use of removed materials and eliminates health and safety risks. Improved productivity gains are possible across multiple industry sectors.

Workplace Safety

DryVac Suction excavation decreases the strain on workers and greatly reduces the risk of physical harm or injury.

The associated risks of injury and accidents that occur when crews need to enter confined spaces are eliminated by using a variety of air powered tools.

Smaller teams of one or two-person crews can complete an excavation without ‘lifting a shovel’, simply by operating the technology using remote controls and air tools.

This ease of use permits the retention of experienced skilled workers who may otherwise be limited due to the physical nature of excavation work.

Cost Effectiveness

Excellent suction volumes are only part of the cost effectiveness of an MTS DryVac suction excavator.

With the ability to operate seamlessly around obstacles and inaccessible areas, projects are completed cost-effectively and on time.

The DryVac suction excavator’s 4-in-1 tool provides solutions for belowground utility locating, excavation, debris removal (tipper truck) as well as a power source for auxiliary tooling and equipment. While conventional excavation requires several different pieces of equipment, suction excavation can perform these activities all-in-one, saving time and money.

Using less equipment allows for more efficient use of labour resources, reduces the overall footprint of the work site, reduces costs for site reinstatement and traffic management and enables re-use of excavated materials at the worksite.

Environmental Sustainability

The MTS DryVac suction technology reduces the impact on the environment compared to conventional technologies.

DryVac Suction excavation allows work to be completed around existing flora without causing damage and minimises clearance of site vegetation.

The removal of environmentally sensitive or contaminated materials is possible with direct storage into dedicated containers on the MTS excavator.

Re-use of excavated materials such as backfill, the use of air pressure instead of water, minimal work site carbon footprint and limited damage to site environments are a few ways MTS supports an environmentally sustainable approach to excavation.

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